(c) Zeph Colombatto


Originally from Sydney Australia, Glen (b.1984) is a photographer who seeks authenticity and a sense of atmosphere in his work. 

As a visual artist Glen has the rare ability to find intriguing images in moments and subjects that are entirely unposed and uncontrived.

With his love of natural light, Defenders and negroni's, he captures portraits, place and processes with a discerning eye for detail. 

“A harmonious collage of sublimely developed photo-genius talent; a delicately precise off-camber eye for design and style; an effortless grasp of social wizardry; and a masterfully balanced combination of dashing-yet-humbly supportive husband.” _Ryan Kerrison, Producer.  

After seven years residing in New York City, Glen currently lives and works in East Hampton NY with his wife Amee and son, Navy. 


Contact: glen@glenallsop.com